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Life Choices

Life Choices is a diverse subject which deals with a wide range of topics including personal relationships, citizenship, healthy living, personal safety, finance, bullying and mental health issues. Careers education and preparation for study are also a vital part of this area of the curriculum.

Life Choices, amongst other aspects of school life, actively promotes fundamental British values. Pupils study topics related to fundamental British values of distinguishing right from wrong, respect for democracy and equality; including an appreciation for other cultural traditions as well as a broad general knowledge of public institutions in England.

All pupils have approximately 24 Life Choices lessons during the academic year and these are usually delivered by the Form Tutors. Some lessons are also supplemented by a busy schedule of visiting speakers who either address whole year groups or smaller seminar groups.

Sixth formers also attend a series of workshops throughout the year in addition to spending some sessions preparing UCAS applications.

Since being under your care we have seen our son grow into an intelligent, outgoing, popular, confident (and most importantly) very happy boy who is now prepared for the move up to Senior School

Junior School Parent