As GCSE Results Beckon, How Do You Measure Success?

Senior School Examinations

Exam results beckon once again with the issue of the 2015 GCSE results and we wish all our pupils the very best for when they open their envelopes.

Whatever the outcome of any of our pupils' examination results, which are always impressive when compared with national averages, we know many pupils are tempted to gauge their own success purely on the grades received. In reality, of course, there is always so much more to every pupil than a series of letters.

The sketchnote graphic accompanying this article, created by Canadian French teacher Sylvia Duckworth, depicts perfectly the many factors that contribute to the success of our pupils. Sylvia shows success as an iceberg whose tip, in exam parlance the final examination grade, is what most people see. 

In reality what goes on beneath the surface of the iceberg is so much more important long-term, especially when we consider the skills necessary for successful future studies and progress in employment. Being persistent, reacting positively to any failure and disappointment along the way, making sacrifices where necessary, showing good discipline for study, being dedicated to a task and working hard are all invaluable skills that are crucial to the success of any meaningful project.

Our Careers department would thoroughly endorse this message and add that being able to show examples of where you have shown these skills and what you have learnt from the process are just as highly valued by interviewers and assessors in any job application as the physical grading.

With the kind permission of Sylvia Duckworth for the use of her sketchnote.

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