Some Of The Stories From 2015's GCSE Results Day

Senior School Examinations

As with A Level Results Day, pupils and parents experienced a range of emotions yesterday when the 2015 GCSE results were issued, but all our pupils should be proud of their grades and the effort invested in their studies. Everyone also has an exciting future ahead.

Hannah Allroggen, one of our new Sixth Form academic and sports scholars, celebrated a fantastic 11 A*s. This news was surely a fine postscript to her summer vacation that has already included an excellent three week World Challenge expedition to Ecuador.

Equally impressive were the achievements of Jasmine Hundal, a county badminton player and academic scholar, and other academic scholars Tom Nelson, Vikesh Puri and David Stephen. They all gained an oustanding 10 A*s, whilst Jasmine, Tom and Vikesh also added an A in Additional Mathematics, with David achieving an A in AS French, a year early.

Saddek Boksh, Kate Henderson, Megan Lloyd, Anya Mann, Lauren Putnam, Jasmine Shankster-East and Daniel Cox each gained an excellent 9 A*s and at least another A grade. Indeed Anya Mann and her twin sister Aleena amassed 17 A*s and 2 further A grades between them!

Jack Whitaker's 7 A*s confirmed his place at Welbeck College, while Lucy Farrington is preparing for her exciting apprenticeship with Jaguar Land Rover.

Birthday boy Joseph Lapworth received 6 A grades to add to his celebrations yesterday, while national trophy winning wheelchair basketball player Peter Cusack opened an envelope containing 1 A* and 5 As.

With pupils showing talent in so many areas beyond the classroom too, Mrs Louise Alderson-Bolstridge commented: 'I am an extremely proud Head of Year and delighted to witness so many fantastic personal achievements.'

We are indeed very proud of all our GCSE pupils and look forward to celebrating their guaranteed future success in Sixth Form and beyond.

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