A Harvest Assembly to Remember...

Junior School Pre Prep

Bablake Pre Prep pupils were treated to an excellent assembly from Bablake Chaplain, Reverend Slavic on the topic of Harvest.

Pupils had brought in a huge array of food to the harvest collection, which is donated from the school to the Coventry Food Bank. Reverend Slavic started the assembly by asking the children why we donate food at Harvest. A Year 1 pupil answered the question beautifully, telling the rest of the children and teachers that, 'we donate food for people who are hungry and can't afford to buy food themselves'.

Reverend Slavic then played a game with the children asking them to identify lots of different fruit and vegetables on the big screen at the front of the hall, which then all came together to make a food rainbow!

Pupils were also very lucky to see and feel real grain brought in by a Year 2 pupil who lives on a farm. The children passed around cups of grain as Reverend Slavic showed them photos of corn and a combine harvester. 

Kindergarten also had a mini assembly where they learnt about the meaning of Harvest.

A big thank you to parents for donations and to Reverend Slavic for delivering our Harvest assembly.

Kindergarten children with their Harvest food donations for Coventry Food Bank.

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