Outstanding Reception For 'Oliver Twist'

Senior School Drama

This term's drama production. 'Oliver Twist', has completed a three night run that has amazed everyone at Bablake.

Well done to the cast, the crew and Highly Sprung's excellent director Lucy - and the Bablake staff supporting her - on what has proved a very powerful statement against domestic violence, child exploitation and criminal behaviour. This production showed the depth of acting talent at Bablake in a cast which had been nurtured by former Directors of Drama Mr David Prescott and most recently Ms Caroline Farmer.

Mr Mark Woodward (Head of Careers) commented: "It has been said so many times before that drama is one of the best team games; 'Oliver Twist' proved this once more! Bablake's production had so many star performances and the ensemble, on stage throughout the production, was mesmerising.

The transitions were seamless and cleverly embedded, while the show confirmed the amazing potential of so many of our emerging young actors. Yes, Oliver, Fagan, Sykes, Dodger and Nancy stole the show at numerous points, but so did every other character. There was a chill in the audience before, during and after the play... and importantly everyone in school has been talking about the show all week. In agreement with Oliver, we actually do want more!"

Photographs shot live on the second night are available to view on our official Facebook feed.

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