Badminton Rematch

Senior School Sport

Lower Sixth student Jakevir Shoker reports on our Senior Badminton team's recent rematch with Solihull School:

"The format of the competition had changed from our last game. This time our squad was divided into an A, B and C team, who would all play doubles games. Within each team, players would be seeded 1 - 4 and each team would have four games of doubles against Solihull's equivalent team. To ensure 4 games, seeded players 1 and 2 would play each other, as would seeds 3 and 4, 1 and 3, and 2 and 4. With these games occurring across all 3 teams, it meant 12 games in total.

In the A team match, our top doubles pair beat Solihull's top pair convincingly (21-9). However, the other pairings were not as successful and, therefore, the A team suffered a 1-3 defeat. The B team had some successful games including a 21-11 victory to start its campaign; the score finished 2-2, but due to superior points difference, Bablake claimed overall victory. The C team was our most successful on the day, with comfortable wins and just a single, narrow defeat (18-21), therefore winning 3-1.

Overall Bablake claimed a 2-1 team victory, while in 3 further friendly singles games, Bablake had an 100% success rate.

After proudly maintaining its unbeaten status, the senior Bablake badminton squad is currently training hard in preparation for future fixtures, including a possible game against local rivals KHVIII and a singles tournament v Solihull."

Proudly representing Bablake were the following: Lucie Barnes, Ravi Bodalia, Shivani Bodalia, Ellie Herniman, Anish Jaspal, Avni Kant, Matt Merricks, Rajen Parekh, Jakevir Shoker, Ashleigh Stonier, Abilan Vijayaratnam, Jeffrey Wang.

Report by Jakevir Shoker; photography by master in charge of the fixture, Mr Inderpal Kalsi.

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