Mia Takes to the Stage

Junior School Pre Prep

Mia Tracey took to the stage of the Her Majesty’s Theatre in London’s Haymarket in a specially written performance play called ‘Troubles a’ Brewin'.

The story tells of a town trying to stop a wandering gang from stealing money from the town’s hotel. Mia played as part of the chorus, and she was involved in all of the main show numbers including renditions of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat it’ in a scene that involved the hostile waving of bananas!

This came about through Pauline Quirke Academy which Mia attends in Leicester. She has been a member since 2014 and this was her first external production. The Stage School takes place every Saturday morning and Mia has been rehearsing for 3 hours each week for the last 6 months for the chance to take to the West End stage. The day of the performance was a  long one, starting at 4am with a coach journey down to the theatre, technical rehearsals all day and the final performance before a packed house in the evening. The coach journey back was considerably quieter, perhaps not surprising as it returned to Leicester after midnight!

Unbeknownst to all of the performers, the examiners from the Trinity School in London were also there to observe the performance and assess the actors on their efforts. Along with the rest of the academy, Mia was awarded a Distinction in Grade 4 Musical Theatre and performance. Mia hopes to continue learning the ins and outs of stagecraft and she is already involved in the production of a film which is due to finished next year.

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