GCSE 2020

Senior School Junior School

Well done to our GCSE pupils, who returned to school today to bring back text books and collect their grades. It was lovely to see so many of them back on site, even if they did have to arrive at staggered times and keep their distance from one another! 

Our Fifth Year pupils received their grades in the Main Hall and the relief for everyone was evident. This has been a year group that has had to face incredibly difficult times during one of the most important stages of their academic life and we commend them on their efforts and resilience.

"We are so proud of our pupils today after what has been a challenging year. They have been awarded what they rightly deserve and have continued the Bablake legacy of exceptional results. We look forward to welcoming back to the Sixth Form in September." Mr Wright  

The vast majority have already made a start on their A level studies by attending live Sixth Form Transition lessons during the Summer Term and we very much look forward to welcoming them back to school in just over two weeks' time when they will be able to begin Sixth Form life.





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