Chemistry author in our midst

Senior School Junior School

Congratulations to Mr Kalsi who has been working hard to complete and publish a Chemistry textbook over the past year.

It was a long process and it took over two months in the summer holiday (2019) to produce a first draft. By the time of publication there were more than five versions of some of the topics and sections and the editing and modifying took longer than expected. Overall it took about a year from draft to final print. 

Mr Kalsi was encouraged by a former colleague to contact Hodder Education to get involved in the project. He was paired up with a Project Leader over the phone and after producing a sample paper was offered the contract to go ahead with the full textbook.

When asked about the process, Mr Kalsi said, "I have always wanted to write a book and I was very lucky to get this opportunity. The key thing to remember is that you must be prepared to make changes and accept that things will be presented in a different way. I enjoyed writing the book and it helped me to develop my own question writing and producing model answers, this will be valuable to the Sixth Form Chemists. I also learned many new skills and was not afraid to try something new. I was given a lot of support from Anthony at Hodder Education and Mr Mike Masters (former Head of Science at Bablake)."

Now that it's finished he's very pleased and says it's nice to have his name on the front of a book. 



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