First Inc. Newsletter published

Senior School Junior School

The Inc. Society was founded by a group of Fourth Year Bablake pupils in response to the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Inc. stands for inclusion. The Society has already made great progress! They have just published their first newsletter and they have plans for other project work moving forward.

The group aims: 

  • To celebrate inclusion and diversity in the Bablake Community 
  • To provide a pupil voice for all our diverse and wonderful pupils 
  • To raise awareness of local, national and global injustice

They have met with Mrs McClean, Mrs Rees and Mrs Gould to discuss the English and history curriculums and have helped ConnectFutures prepare for a Fourth Year life choices lesson. When we return to school, their next project is to create a mural, celebrating our diverse community. Did you know that our pupils’ families originate from 47 different countries?! 

We wish the society good luck with their plans and progress in the future! 

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