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Inside the classroom

The academic programme at Bablake is broad yet balanced. With small class sizes of no more than 24 children, lessons are exciting and engaging.

Our aim is to ensure that every individual achieves their potential. We focus on each individual pupils’ talents, strengths and academic ambition to ensure success at every stage of their learning journey. Our experienced teachers are committed to delivering a curriculum that strikes the perfect balance between being challenging and stimulating, ensuring the best possible educational experience for each pupil.


Years 7 – 8 (ages 11 – 13)

Moving up to Senior School is a big step for both pupils and their parents. We want all our pupils to do well but above all we want them to be happy and make the most of all the opportunities available to them.

Shells (Year 7) and Year 8 are based on Key Stage 3 of the national curriculum. We provide our pupils with a broad education and introduce them to as many academic disciplines as possible so that they can find subjects which they enjoy and in which they can be successful.

Bablake Science
Bablake Class


Year 9 (ages 13 – 14)

Year 9 is also based on the national curriculum and with the addition of an option block system to allow pupils to study specific modern foreign languages and creative subjects at greater depth.


Years 10 – 11 (ages 14 – 16)

Year 10 to 11 is based on Key Stage 4 of the national curriculum and leads to either GCSEs or IGCSEs (The International General Certificate of Secondary Education).

The mandatory IGCSE subjects are: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and two Sciences from Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Several other subjects are available from the option block system.

Please take a look at our GCSE Curriculum Information Brochure above for more information.

Bablake Science

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