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Head's Welcome

Bablake Junior School is often described as a "happy and friendly" school and as parents little is more important to us than our children's happiness.

We share your high hopes and expectations and it is a joy to see how hard everyone works here and the success that comes from this. Our pupils are thoroughly prepared and proceed confidently into the Senior School.

An aspirational and supportive community

Our aspiration as educators is to enable every individual to flourish; intellectually, physically and spiritually, and to grow in self-awareness and confidence. Every child is unique and we value and celebrate many diverse talents. Both through learning and through a multitude of other experiences, our pupils have the opportunity to explore and develop their place in life. That place is made meaningful in relationship to others, within a mutually supportive community.

Recognising every child's potential

There is no magic recipe for a happy school, although the many smiles, the shared laughter, the daily triumphs and small acts of consideration certainly enrich us all. Difficulties and challenges there will certainly be, but the way in which we respond to such situations, both individually and together, is what breeds maturity and resilience. At Bablake, we believe in young people and in their immense potential. We shall continue to review and improve what we do, so as to give our pupils the very best and most positive start in life.

Mr Neil Price

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A visit to the school only confirmed our belief; we saw a school that was caring and nurturing and we could see our daughter thriving there

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