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Given the breadth afforded by a choice of four subjects, all students should seriously consider studying a minimum of one contrasting subject, at least to AS level.

What this means is perhaps best reflected by this comment from the University of Cambridge: “It is important that our science graduates can communicate and are perhaps fluent in another language, and that our arts graduates can think logically and are reasonably numerate”. Any Fifth Former or Year 11 unsure as to the suitability of a combination of subjects should seek guidance from the Head of Sixth Form, Mrs AJ Tumber (Tel: 024 7627 1212) or the Careers Department; we shall also be proactive in this respect, as we shall carefully scrutinise students’ options and offer advice.

Despite the preceding paragraph, we have no intention of imposing a choice of contrasting subjects on students. We fully believe that subject choices should be based firmly on two important criteria:

The requirements of a career or Higher Education

To help in this, all members of the Fifth Year are interviewed individually by the Careers Department and a member of the Senior Management Team, in order to assess and advise on A level choices in the light of career or Higher Education aspirations, as well as the student's own skills and personal qualities. External applicants will be interviewed by the Headmaster and Head of Sixth Form as part of the application process where suitable options will be discussed.

The interests and aptitudes of the student

A level is a demanding option. To achieve success, students need to develop a self-disciplined routine and a full commitment to work. This is most likely to occur when students are studying subjects in which they show ability and genuine interest. The subject notes in the Sixth Form booklet are intended to help with this, and pupils are strongly advised to consult their subject teachers and Form Tutors over A level choice. Further information will be given on each subject by Heads of Department at the Entry to Sixth Form evening in the Autumn Term.

Many jobs and Higher Education courses require no particular subject, or subject combination. Instead, the emphasis is on the quality of the student, measured by the examination grades obtained, the work habits acquired and the personal attributes and skills developed as a result of two years in the Sixth Form.

The subjects on offer from September 2017 are: 

BiologyEnglish LiteratureMathematics
Business StudiesEnglish LanguageMusic
ChemistryFrenchPhysical Education
Classical CivilisationFurther Mathematics Physics
Computer ScienceGeographyPsychology
Design TechnologyGermanPhilosophy & Ethics of Religion
Drama and Theatre StudiesHistorySpanish

A level structure at Bablake from 2017

As you may be aware, we are drawing to the conclusion of a period of unprecedented curricular change, with government led reforms due for final implementation in September 2017. The new A levels run over two years, with AS levels no longer being a stand alone qualification. All of our subjects now sit within the new A level format and we shall expect the majority of students to take three A levels, with Further Mathematicians taking four.

Students should choose subjects based on their interests, aptitudes and aspirations, and will be given ample guidance. You can be assured that a well-chosen combination of subjects will then result in an inspiring and fulfilling experience which will enable students to thrive academically and proceed confidently into the world of higher education or work. We are also excited to introduce an additional study course which will run alongside the new A levels, the 'Bablake Plus'. This will enhance students’ intellectual capabilities and enable them to develop their interests and enthusiasms beyond their three A level curriculum under the guidance of their teachers. 


The confidence of pupils is due to the excellent teaching standards