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Fees, Bursaries and Scholarships

Fees, Bursaries and Scholarships 

Termly Fees

(From September 1st 2018)

Age GroupTermAnnual
Pre Prep£2,376£7,128
Junior School£2,981£8,943
Senior School£3,898£11,694

The above fees are inclusive of all teaching materials and books and are amongst the lowest in the independent sector. Bablake has regularly featured in the ‘Good Value for Money Schools’ guide. Governors offer parents the facility to spread the fees over 10 monthly payments, free of interest. Further information on fee payment. 

NB: The Governors reserve the right to alter the fees from time to time.

Application Fee:

Senior School: £50 (to be sent with Application Form)

Pre Prep and Junior School: No application fee

Admission Deposit:

Senior School: £300 payable on acceptance of a place. This is non-returnable and will be deducted from first term fees.

Pre Prep and Junior School: £150 payable on acceptance of a place. This is non-returnable and will be deducted from first term fees.

Sibling Discount

The Foundation award sibling discount if you have three or more children in Foundation Schools.  If a pupil is in receipt of a bursary award that pupil will not receive the sibling discount.  The award is 3% per child for three pupils, 4% per child for four pupils, etc.


  • Individual instrumental Music lessons – £14-£17 per half-hour lesson by arrangement with the Music staff.
  • Meals – An economical charge is made for breakfast, snacks and lunches. On average a 2-course lunch costs £2.75. Cashless catering is currently used for purchasing food in the School Dining Room, but pupils may, if they prefer, bring a packed lunch.
  • Junior School lunch 'Meal Deal' - 1 course £1.60, 2 courses £2.00
  • Educational Visits – Parents are expected to make a contribution to or pay for various educational visits arranged by the School, Departments or individual members of staff. A subsidy is provided for those who would not otherwise be able to benefit from curricular visits.
  • Public Examinations and Learning Support – No charge is made for examination entrance fees (apart from resits) nor for learning support, unless more intensive support is required.

Junior School Bursaries and Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to pupils at the end of Year 3. Limited means tested bursaries are also available from Year 3. For information on Junior School bursaries and scholarships please contact Mrs H Rypma by email or telephone (024-7627-1284). 

Senior School Bursaries and Scholarships

At the present time about 30% of all pupils in the School receive some form of financial assistance either through the extensive Bursary Scheme or from a Scholarship.


The Governors award annually a number of Entrance Bursaries. These are awarded in the light of both the entrance examination performance and parental income. Entrance Bursaries range from 10% up to 90% and in exceptional cases 100% fee remission. The level of assistance will be dependent upon gross parental income.

The award of a Bursary is subject to an annual review of parental income. For further details of financial assistance, please contact Mrs L Monarch, Finance Office, by email or telephone (024-7627-1206).


A number of Academic, Music and Art Scholarships is available for Shells (Year 7) entry. The award of these scholarships will be based on the ability of the child and their performance in the examination and at interview. There will also be interviews for candidates who, on the basis of their examination performance, have been selected for consideration for an Academic Scholarship.

For 11+ entry in September, the following Scholarships will be awarded:

  • General: awarded to candidates who achieve the highest marks in English, Mathematics and Reasoning, and who perform well at interview.
  • English: awarded to candidates who achieve the highest marks in English, and who perform well at interview.
  • Mathematics: awarded to candidates who achieve the highest marks in Mathematics, and who perform well at interview.
  • Music: awarded to candidates who show exceptional musical accomplishment and who have reached the minimum academic standard to qualify for admission to the School.
  • Art: awarded to candidates who show exceptional artistic flair and ability and who have reached the minimum academic standard to qualify for admission to the School.

The Scholarship Award may be supplemented by a Bursary Award in appropriate cases.

A Cricket Scholarship is awarded from the Third Form (Year 9) to sportsmen who show outstanding promise and dedication in cricket.

Sixth Form Scholarships 

A number of Sixth Form Scholarships will be awarded for the two years in the Sixth Form; these are open to both current students and applicants from outside Bablake. They are on offer as follows: Academic, Music and Sports Scholarships. The amount of the Scholarship will vary, and in recent years has ranged from 5% to 20% of the school fee. 

For the Academic Scholarship, an applicant should be capable of achieving, and be predicted by his/her school to achieve A* grades in all the subjects at GCSE that are to be taken at A level.  

For the Music Scholarship, an applicant should be able to demonstrate that he/she has played in a school orchestra and/or for one of the Youth Orchestras in the region or has good singing ability. The minimum standard required for Music Scholarship applications is Associated Board Grade Six on at least one instrument or voice.  

For the Sports Scholarship, an applicant should have competed at at least county level or equivalent in any sport offered by the School, and should also demonstrate leadership qualities and a commitment to school sport.  

Students who feel they have a realistic chance of gaining a Scholarship and who wish to be considered should apply by letter to the Headmaster enclosing a Curriculum Vitae which should include a list of GCSE subjects being studied and intended 3 A level choices. In the case of a Music Scholarship, information about instruments played, grades achieved and orchestral and/or choral involvement will also be needed. Students may be considered for all awards, but will generally only be awarded an Academic, Music or Sports Scholarship. 

Sixth Form Bursaries/ Fee assistance 

Bursaries are also available to students entering the Sixth Form and are open to both current students and applicants from outside Bablake. Please contact Mrs L Monarch, Finance Office, by email or telephone (024-7627-1206).

It is the Governors stated policy, through their Bursary and Scholarship Schemes, to give able children whose parents could not otherwise afford the fees, the opportunity to attend Bablake and to remain at the School until the end of their schooling, which for the vast majority is at 18. Our pupils’ public examination results have consistently been amongst the highest in the area, enabling them to continue to the universities of their choice in a competitive arena.

Art Scholarships (11+)

The Art Department at Bablake School prides itself on being a creative and vibrant environment which offers pupils the opportunity to work in a variety of styles, media and scales. The teaching staff possess a range of expertise and experiences which greatly enhance what we are able to offer and the results are used to great effect in the displays of work seen throughout the school.

As pupils progress through the school there are opportunities to participate in gallery visits and to assist in a range of projects including the creation of sets and props for school drama productions. Sixth Formers also benefit from visiting lecturers and life drawing classes as well as having the opportunity to take part in overseas visits.

Prospective candidates are welcome to spend some time in the department by appointment. Please contact Mr P Cleaver, Head of Art.

Selection process

The selection of an Art Scholar is made initially on the inspection of work submitted during the entrance exam day and the successful completion of the exams. A short list of candidates will then be invited into the department to undertake a short interview and practical tests in a controlled environment. The process will be used to ascertain the technical ability, experiences and motivation of the candidates.

The successful candidate will play an active role in the artistic life of the school and set a positive example to other pupils through their approach and attainment. It is expected that an art scholar will select Art as one of their options at GCSE.

Music Scholarships (11+)

The music department at Bablake provides a thriving environment at the heart of the school community, with fifteen visiting teachers and three curricular staff. We offer a wide range of co-curricular activities, before school, at lunchtime and after school.

There is a busy calendar of concerts and events throughout the year that showcase the many and varied talents of our pupils. The school also supports scholars in their musical endeavours at county and national level. Prospective candidates are welcome to spend some time visiting the music department on a normal school day, and parents should contact the Director of Music to arrange this.

The Audition

Candidates are required to play two contrasting pieces that are a minimum of Grade 3/4 ABRSM standard (one piece on each instrument if two are offered). Candidates will have the opportunity to discuss their musical aspirations and experiences and will also undertake short aural tests and grade-appropriate sight reading. The audition normally takes 15-20 minutes.


Music plays an important role in the life of the school and music scholars will be expected to play a full and active part in this.

In the Lower School, all music scholars commit to at least two instrumental groups and the Junior Choir, performing with these ensembles when required at concerts, assemblies and school open sessions. We expect scholars to set an example to other pupils with prompt, regular attendance at rehearsals and assisting group directors as required. Senior scholars may assist in the direction of a group or run their own small ensemble.

A music scholar’s primary commitment is to the musical life of Bablake. We expect scholars to practise regularly and progress through the ABRSM exams when appropriate. All scholars have the opportunity to study for the Arts Award at all levels and older scholars are encouraged to stage their own artistic events as part of this. Senior scholars are expected to take GCSE music as a Fourth Year option.

Current Music Groups
Arts AwardFlute ChoirSenior String Ensemble
Brass EnsembleJunior ChoirString Quartet
Brass QuintetJunior StringsSwing Band
Cello EnsembleOrchestraTheory & Aural Class
Chamber ChoirRock SchoolWind Band

The Director of Music, Mr Crompton, will be happy to answer any queries that parents may have regarding the music scholarship application and audition process.

We would have no hestitation in recommending Bablake to others and certainly feel you have given an excellent 'value for money' service.

Senior School Parent