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Our stimulating and challenging curriculum is wide and varied and is specifically designed to allow opportunities for interesting and stimulating lessons.

We are very conscious of the need to equip pupils for future challenges and learning – as such we emphasise the development of skills and application as well as acquiring understanding and knowledge.

Pupils at our school are very successful academically. Extension work and challenge means that many pupils achieve significantly above expectations. The vast majority of our children are offered places at the Senior School, with some receiving scholarships.

Please download a summary of our academic performance

The Teaching and Learning Environment

We have an excellent learning structure and environment. Pupils are based in classes with their Form Teachers who will teach them for some of their lessons whilst increasing use is made of both specialist teachers and facilities as the pupils get older.  

Year groups have two or three classes of approximately twenty pupils. Ours is a close community where everyone knows each other. This close relationship between Form Teachers, specialist staff and pupils enables personalised individual support and learning to flourish.

Pupils learn to express themselves and their ideas with increasing clarity through the study of English language and literature. Drama lessons encourage everyone to use their imagination and develop the confidence to perform with others. Art and Music lessons develop creativity and explore different processes and techniques. Forest School and Design Technology allow opportunities for problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork and entrepreneurship.

Science lessons are based around interesting practical investigations and the Maths curriculum ensures pupils have a clear grasp of the skills they will need to access the more applied challenges ahead.  Whilst the importance of traditional education remains as strong as ever, Computing brings a stimulating dimension that both encourages and allows individual innovation. Our excellent Computing suite, interactive whiteboards and computers around the school support the children’s learning.

The Academic Hub

Maths, English and Science lessons, with a particular emphasis in the latter upon investigations, usually take place in the morning with other less academic subjects in the afternoon.

Religious Education, Geography and History make up a broad humanities curriculum which strongly features the important influence of local history, alongside our place in an international context, supporting our knowledge of spiritual, moral, social and cultural understandings.

Working hard is expected and pupils' learning is managed by their Form Teacher in conjunction with subject teachers. One of the most important aspects of learning here at Bablake Junior School is the enthusiasm pupils apply to their studies. Parents actively support this positive attitude and it is very apparent in the atmosphere of lessons.

Termly reports and Parents' Evenings twice a year means parents are kept up to date with their child's progress.  Parents are always welcome in school and are in general encouraged to speak to their child's Form Teacher whenever they feel the need.

We appreciate that the education we offer is only part of a child's life and that it is fundamentally and profoundly enhanced by support and interaction with home.

Bringing the World Closer

Our focus on Languages has increased in recent years and is supported through our humanities classwork. All of our pupils study French from Year 3. They are taught by specialist staff using a variety of written and oral tasks. They also spend time exploring the culture and traditions of this neighbouring country. Year 6 have the opportunity to experience additional Modern Foreign languages. These include German and Spanish to allow some experience of these languages before their move to Senior School. Additionally, Italian and Arabic are also taught on rotation.

Computing is timetabled as a discrete subject as well as being integrated into other areas of learning. Classrooms have interactive whiteboards and these, along with our computers are enthusiastically utilized by staff and pupils. Our computing begins with the history of computing and the inner workings of a hard drive. It explores hardware, software and online capabilities. Online safety is paramount in all that is taught. Coding is a very popular aspect of the curriculum as is touch typing and the use of various apps and subscriptions.

Design Technology has recently become a regular lesson on the timetable. It offers our pupils the opportunity to design and innovate whilst learning basic skills in a range of materials. Projects range from seasonal cooking and healthy snack making to building structures, working with mechanisms and designing in fabric. Computing and programming is used alongside projects to ensure that they are high quality and authentic.

Artistic and Cultural

Every child has two lessons of music each week and in Year 4 all pupils have group lessons in three different instruments - a term of strings and then a term of flute and then brass. Many pupils then access small group or individual instrument tuition.

Pupils experience elements of the natural world during Forest School. This hugely popular subject area takes place in our outdoor classroom within our spinney. Exploring fire and tools, along with developing personal and social skills, sees our pupils enthusiastic and fulfilled. 

Dance takes place as part of the PE curriculum and in clubs and plays. Pupils also have discrete drama lessons each week. These are taught by passionate specialists and the attainment of the pupils are outstanding.

Rich and beautifully crafted works of art are displayed around the school and reflect the importance we place on all creative activities. 


Support and Challenge

Pupils are set throughout the school for Maths and occasionally for English. We feel that this enables the teachers to direct the learning of their pupils as individually as possible and support and challenge as appropriate. The pace of lessons and expectations are also adjusted in these circumstances and we are confident that this allows all pupils to flourish.

An outstanding programme of individually tailored support through our Learning Hub which enables all pupils are able to access their potential.

Sport for All!

Our strong PE and Games curriculum means that every child gets involved in activities and participates in team competitions. You can find out more about this on our Sports page.

Preparing for the Senior School

Year 6 classrooms are situated in the Senior School Language block, adjacent to the Junior School. This partial integration with the Senior School helps them prepare for the challenges ahead. The pupils have specialist teachers for most lessons and independent activity and motivation are encouraged to help our pupils proceed confidently into the Senior School.

After their exams, pupils are encouraged to take part in an enrichment programme which includes enterprise schemes and a school play. They also have a very stimulating trip down to Calshot on the south coast where they learn to canoe, sail and ski.

Bablake Junior School is a place of educational serenity. Your pupils display kindness, calmness, maturity and are inquisitive for knowledge.

Junior School Parent