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Overnight Trips

We hope the information about forthcoming overnight trips and expeditions will help parents with advance-planning. Please note that while the school already subsidises many expeditions connected with the curriculum, parents are advised to contact the Headmaster, in confidence, over questions of affordability. 

Staff email addresses are their initials followed by


Year Group




Approximate Cost (per pupil)
19/12/18 - 20/12/18L6DTUniversity of BirminghamMr C West£0
10/02/19 - 11/02/19Sixth FormPsychologyLondonMrs J Barratt£185

16/02/19 - 20/02/19

4th Year - L6DT/HistoryBerlinMr C R West & Mrs H Skilton£695
15/02/19 - 23/02/19Shell to L6PEBoston & Waterville ValleyMr R Burdett£1369
07/04/19 - 10/04/17L6GeographyThe Crandale Centre, Malton, N YorkshireMr S Enstone£315
13/04/19 - 16/04/193rd - U6CCFSwynnertonMiss R Blattner£40
21/04/19 - 27/04/19ShellsBJSMyrkdalen, NorwayMr L Holder£1130
23/04/19 - 25/04/195th YearD of EPeak District (Hathersage)Mr P Nicholson£70
24/05/19 - 26/05/19ShellsMFLOpal Coast, FranceMrs J May£265
09/06/19 - 11/06/194th YearGeographyPreston Montford FSC, ShropshireMr S Enstone£278
02/07/19 - 04/07/195th YearD of EPeak District (Monyash)Mr P Nicholson£70
07/07/19 - 20/07/19Shell to L6PEHockey & Netball Tour, Sri LankaMrs J Russell£2200
08/07/19 - 11/07/195th YearDesign & TechnologyDisneyland ParisMr C West£560
10/07/19 - 24/07/19Shell to L6PERugby Tour, Sri LankaMr R Burdett£2250
05/08/19 - 09/08/19Shell to 4th Arete Centre, SnowdoniaMr A Wright£300
19/08/19 - 23/08/19L6 & U6D of ESnowdonia (Dolgellau)Mr P Nicholson£140
19/10/19 - 26/10/19All YearsClassicsGreeceMr Menashe£770
19/10/19 - 22-10/192nd - U6MFLMerville-Franceville, NormandyMrs J May£395
22/02/20 - 29/02/20All YearsPENew York, Loon/Cannon, Boston (Skiing/Snowboarding)Mr A Phillips£1395
07/06/20 - 09/06/204th YearGeographyPreston Montford FSC, ShropshireMr S Enstone£278
08/07/20 - 21/07/205th - U6PESri LankaMr A Phillips£2425
13/07/20 - 27/07/203rd & 4th AlbaniaMr A Wright£2110

Trips are subject to change; details will be updated on the website as soon as possible.

The cost of a trip is approximate, further details will be sent to parents closer to the time of the individual trip, please contact the relevant member of staff, or the Headmaster, if you have any queries.




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