Valete- (13) Mr Simon Timothy (Head of ICT)

Staff ICT

Yesterday we bade farewell to Mrs Gail Timothy (Head of Modern Foreign Languages), today we feature her husband, the third of the final five members of staff to feature in our 2013-14 'Valete' series.

Mr Simon Timothy arrived at Bablake in January 1987 to teach Mathematics and also Computing. His enthusiasm for the latter was soon recognised, and in a rapidly evolving technological world, he was asked to co-ordinate IT in 1993.

The school’s provision of computing hardware and courses has since then changed exponentially and he will be proud to have stood at the helm of a department at the centre of such exciting changes.

As Head of ICT, Mr Timothy has always had the best interests of his pupils at heart, a trait also evident in his time as Head of Crow House and as a highly respected 6th Form Tutor. He also offered excellent assistance with the many Shell French trips and (formerly) visits to Fousseau that Mrs Timothy was involved with.

We wish Mr and Mrs Timothy a happy and healthy retirement together and look forward to welcoming them back to future school events.

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