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Peace and Reconciliation

The school is an International Cross of Nails School (ICONS), linked to the Community of the Cross of Nails at Coventry Cathedral and committed as part of our life and ethos to the mission of the city of Coventry: Peace and Reconciliation.

At Bablake we are committed to promoting the values of Peace and Reconciliation:

  • in our own lives, as we seek to be at peace with ourselves.
  • in our attitude to others, as we seek to live at peace with our neighbours.
  • in our life as a school community, as we seek to resolve conflict and reconcile our differences.
  • in our curriculum, as we seek to deepen our awareness and understanding of the world beyond school.
  • in our service to the local and national community, as we seek to build links and work in partnership with others.
  • in our commitment to social justice and peace, as we seek to eradicate injustice and conflict.
  • in our international links, as we seek to promote mutual support and understanding which transcends boundaries of faith, culture, race and gender.

These values are underpinned by our school aim to "promote an awareness of the world beyond school, a generosity of spirit, and a sense of service to the wider community", and form part of our mission as an International Cross of Nails School.

In making this commitment, we believe that each of us can play a significant part in bringing peace and reconciliation to our world.