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This is a Sixth Form subject available at A level.


The department consists of two Psychology classrooms within the science department. It is well equipped for general teaching and possesses dedicated audiovisual equipment.


The department is responsible for teaching Psychology at A level to Sixth Form students. Students follow the AQA specification B. This is a popular and successful subject that engages students at a personal, social and intellectual level. 


We encourage pupils to think critically about Psychology and its role in and responsibilities to wider society. In keeping with its origins in the school, Psychology is taught as a science and pupils carry out their own scientific investigations as part of their studies. We also encourage pupils to develop their ability to work and think independently in preparation for higher education.


It is pleasing to see a number of our pupils embark upon degree courses in Psychology either as single or joint honours. Pupils also embark upon related degree courses such as education, business, biomedical sciences and law.

I am extremely satisfied with all aspects of the school and would not hesitate to recommend it.