Expedition Day: (1) Classicists Head To Aquae Sulis

Senior School Classics

For a good number of years now, the Classics department has ventured further afield than traditional trip of the 80s and 90s to Chedworth Roman Villa. As well as an annual trip abroad, it enjoys a regular Expedition Day trip to Aquae Sulis. Mr Dan Menashe (Head of Classics) reports:

'Our 3rd year Classicists had a fantastic time seeing Roman technology and engineering at its best. They had the chance to handle genuine Roman artefacts before touring the ancient baths and temple complex.

They were able to put their linguistic skills to good use in deciphering Latin inscriptions and showed a very impressive knowledge of the Roman bathing process in the talk they had.

Their behaviour at the site was superb and capped an excellent day.'

We understand the group resisted the temptations of the modern thermae once again, so for another year we are spared the sight of our Classics department in full toga garb!

Photographs courtesy of Mr Bunce (Classics)

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