Mock Interview Morning Deadlines

Senior School Careers

Last week's Lower Sixth 'Beyond Bablake' day will be reviewed in detail in our Newsroom before the end of Half Term, but today we post a reminder from our Careers Department about deadlines for Saturday 1st July's 'Mock Interview Morning'.

As well as introducing some advice on how to prepare for a successful interview, Bablake's Careers department spoke about the administration our Lower Sixth students need to complete for the Mock Interview Morning. The following should be completed and attention is especially drawn to the first deadline that a number of students have missed:

  • Registration - confirmation of information submitted by Form Tutors: Monday 29th May 6pm.
  • CV - submission by email or in person: Sunday 18th June 6pm.
  • Application Form - submission online: Sunday 25th June 6pm.

For further information, please see our Careers website.


Photograph from 2016 Mock Interview Morning by Claudia Youakim.

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