Big Bang Finalists impress at STEM Fair

Senior School STEM

Three Bablake groups were selected as finalists for the Big Bang Competition at the NEC in Birmingham.

The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair is the largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) for young people in the UK.

The groups worked very hard to produce displays which would impress the judges and capture their attention, whilst also making their stands as interactive as possible. The final titles of the projects were ‘Eco-friendly Electricity’, ‘Observing muon Neutrinos’ and ‘Investigating PTEN Genotypes’. They presented their work to the judges and over 20,000 people attended the fair each day - the pupils enjoyed a fantastic experience.

Upper Sixth student, Ajan Manoharan said, "The competition was amazing, even though we didn’t win; the atmosphere was always lively with all the science and engineering lovers within the room. We also wouldn’t have anticipated the level that some people took their projects to. We learned lots of things and met lots of people."

"It was also the final Big Bang Fair the senior groups would go to, but hopefully Bablake will enter next year with even better projects aiming high to win some awards. Companies such as Rolls Royce, Meccano, GSK and Virgin Media were there. Going around the fair, there was so much to learn from the technology and the people who worked at those companies. The RAF had VIVE headsets and controllers to give us an interactive insight into the lives of a typical RAF engineer."

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