Young Enterprise - Clipsulate

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Our Young Enterprise business group, Clipsulate, attended a trade fair in Leamington Spa on Saturday 7th March.

Our aim was to promote our product and receive feedback that would help us to fine tune our pitch in a months’ time.

The day went from strength to strength. It began with many passing members of the public being drawn to our innovative business idea. At the end of the fair, we received an award for the stall with the best customer service. This was due to our welcoming personas and our kind smiles which allowed us to connect with a variety of different people, some of which our product and business did not concern. Nevertheless, we were able to adopt our friendly and professional manner to everyone passing our stall which meant that our day at the trade fair flourished with positivity.

When it came to the judges evaluating our enterprise, we were nervous as to what they would think about our very niche product; however, they were all very impressed with our business proposal and the videos that we had created. Not only were we able to pitch our concept to member of the general public we also had the opportunity to meet with the Mayor of Leamington Spa and discuss our enterprise further. It was a very pleasant day and we were all very happy with the outcome.

Article written by Ria-Jasmine, 6PC

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