Colourful Chemistry At Local TeachMeet

Senior School Chemistry

Bablake threw a splash of colour and a sprinkling of microbes at the most recent TeachMeet in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Ms Sam Holyman (Chemistry) gave a presentation looking at Chemistry's colourful side. She focused on anthocyanin, a natural acid-base indicator which can be made from beetroot, red cabbage or even cherry juice. This chemical may be used in a reversible chemical reaction to change the colour of paper and solutions. In her session, she shared some short engaging activities which could be used with primary schools through to secondary schools to explore indicators.

Since the Chilled Food Association has also been working with Bablake to make science-focused teaching and learning material, microbe TopTrump cards, microbe temporary tattoos and even smart-material fridge thermometers were also given away as part of the presentation.

Ms Sam Holyman said: 'The event was busy and had a great buzz as the different ideas and activities were shared. The highlight was when delegates made rainbows in sample bottles. Our new Bablake technicians, Miss Amy Hardie and Mrs Sangeetha Raguram were instrumental in the preparation for the event and ensuring the success of the presentation.'

Dr Gaynor Sharpe, a STEM Net ambassador and organiser of the event, said: 'Thank you all so very much for making the TeachMeet at Finham Primary so successful. Over 80 attendees were there and they were all very impressed by the diversity of presentations and the fun in the event.'

Miss Amy Hardie, who has just taken the reins from retiree Mrs Bev Lewell as our Senior Science and Chemistry technician, attended the Colourful Chemistry technician conference held last summer where she also made a rainbow in a sample bottle.

TeachMeets are organised but informal meetings for teachers to share good practice, practical innovations and personal insights in teaching with technology. These often happen at the University of Warwick and include aspiring teachers as well as those already in the profession. The next event is planned for Thursday 10th December where Bablake staff are set to deliver another hands-on presentation. (Please click here for more info.)

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