Class of 2010 - Valete (3) Ambassadors

Senior School Sixth Form

This week we say goodbye to our Class of 2010, as study leave begins for these students' important A Level examinations.

We have already highlighted the excellence of our Upper Sixth musicians and we could very easily commend our excellent sportsmen and sportswomen in the year group or those who have fundraised or started co-curricular clubs. All our academics and every one of our leaders have also made a great contribution to our community's success. In short, every Upper Sixth student has been and will continue to be a fine ambassador for Bablake.

Over the last year around a dozen students, including pupils new to our Sixth Form in September 2015, have been advertising the advantage of Bablake from billboards, bus advertising and many other marketing media. We thank them warmly for their enthusiasm to be involved in our media campaigning and the superb role models they have been for future pupils.  

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