Year 4 Condover Residential

Junior School Trips & Visits

Year 4 had a wonderful time on their residential trip to Condover Hall

When they got back to school they wrote all about their experiences. Here are what some of them said...


Sharing a dormitory was a great experience and a first for some of us. We were busy during the day, but at night everyone was talking, sharing sweets from the tuckshop and getting ready for bed. The boys and girls slept separately consequently there were two girls rooms and three boys rooms. There was between seven and twelve people in each one. We had chosen who we wanted to share with. Being on a top bunk felt just like being on a normal bed but you had to climb a ladder to get down. The beds were comfy and springy but nobody got to sleep to begin with because of our excitement. We all got to sleep eventually, much to the teacher’s relief! It was a fabulous, independent two nights.


Tunnelling involved crawling and exploring down a dark tunnel inside a room in the main house. It was very tight, small and difficult to manoeuvre around the tunnels with dead ends and squeezy spaces. It was especially dark in the places where there was no fake lava. By working together, we explored thoroughly. If you wanted to escape you had to reach a red dome and call for help but no-one in our group did. It was challenging, and finding the way out was hard but fun. It was like being in an actual cave so we were glad to be wearing our helmets!


The abseiling was really exciting. First of all we had to put on our safety helmets and harnesses, then individually make our way up the three flights of stairs to the top of the tower. At the top, you were attached securely to three ropes on your body and chest harness. As I stepped towards the edge, I left my stomach behind. Everyone on the ground was really encouraging which made you even more nervous. Everyone got to the top of the tower and enjoyed this activity.

Grid of Stones

The game of stones was a huge floor grid full of hexagonal slabs. These glowed with a pattern that you had to follow from start to end. Each person had to choose two people to help them. Miss Fennell was the only one to complete the grid in her group. Everyone got  a go. It was extremely tricky memorising the pattern on the stones but it was fun too. You had to listen carefully to the clear instructions from your team mates to help you complete the challenge. Amazingly, your t-shirt also lit up and glowed in the light. It was BRAIN BOGGLING. It was exciting. It was challenging.

Photos from the Year 4 Trip to Condover 



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