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Biology is a major Department within the school with 5 specialist staff. In addition, there are 2 Biology technicians.


The Department is housed in four dedicated labs and has a share of other labs for Junior Science. All Biology labs are fitted with multimedia projectors which are used to improve the learning environment. The department also benefits from a greenhouse, a pond and a small wooded area which provide specimens for a variety of studies. 


Pupils in Shells and Second Year follow a combined science course, designed to give a firm foundation for the study of all three sciences in Third Year and above. Pupils at GCSE level follow the new IGCSE specification and can opt to take Biology as a separate subject or follow the Science double award. Pupils doing either option achieve excellent grades. At A level, the OCR syllabus is taken.


The main aims of the department are to: stimulate pupils to take an interest in the biological world; develop abilities and skills which are relevant to the study of Biology; promote awareness of biological principles in the context of technological advances and environmental applications; encourage pupils to work to their best ability; encourage pupils to respect living organisms and their role within ecosystems; ensure that each pupil maximises his or her potential in terms of examination results.


There is a strong tradition in the Department of preparing pupils for University. A significant number enter medical related courses, e.g. Medicine, Dentistry and Physiotherapy. However, there are increasing numbers of students studying Biology based degrees such as Genetics, Biochemistry and Biological Sciences. The Department also has a strong record of success in getting pupils placed at medical and dental schools with the high majority of candidates every year being offered a place.


The Department helps deliver both the Medical and Biology extension classes Sixth Form pupils. The staff also run lunchtime support sessions for all pupils.

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