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All students in Shells - Third Year study History.  The subject is a popular option choice at GCSE and at A level.


The History Department is housed in suited accommodation in the main school building. We have three classrooms for Shells to Fifth Year pupils and one dedicated Sixth Form room. Each room is equipped with an interactive smart-board. 


Key Stage Three

Throughout Shells to Third Year, pupils studying History are taught to provide explanations of the causes and consequences of past events, to consider change and development over time and to evaluate different interpretations of the past.

The following content is covered:

  • Shells: Medieval Britain and the Renaissance, 1066-1500
  • Second Year: Britain 1509 – 1688; the Industrial Revolution
  • Third Year: India and the British Empire; the Changing Nature of Warfare 1792-1918; the causes of World War Two.


Pupils study the Edexcel IGCSE History syllabus. The following topics are studied:

  • The USA, 1918 -1941 (pupils begin the course in the Spring term of the Third Year)
  • Development of a Dictatorship: Germany 1918-45
  • A World Divided: Superpower Relations 1945-75
  • The Changing Nature of Warfare, 1919-2011

A level

The department follows the OCR History syllabus.:

  • Y106 The Early Tudors 1485-1558
  • Y213 The French Revolution and the Rule of Napoleon 1774-1815 or Y220 Italy 1896-1943
  • Y318 Russia and its Rulers 1855-1964
  • Coursework on a topic selected from a wide range of options


The department aims to develop a passion for history in all its students. Pupils are encouraged to think critically, to challenge traditional interpretations and to develop their own arguments about the past. Learning about past cultures and societies helps pupils to understand issues from more than one point of view and to develop toleration and compassion towards those who have different experiences from their own. History also helps our students to place current affairs in their historical context so they gain a greater understanding of the world around them.


Each year several students opt to study History at university, whilst others choose subjects such as Law, Politics, Economics and English. History provides a breadth of study to those intending to do science and History A-level students have also gone on to study science degrees including Medicine and Engineering.


The Junior History Society meets every week. Shell students visit Warwick Castle in the Summer Term. Second Year visit the Black County Museum. GCSE students have the opportunity to visit Berlin. The Sixth Form have visited the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard to see the Mary Rose and HMS Victory, and the Department has organised three successful trips to Russia.

The teachers really care about you and they just want the best for you and your future.