School Captains and Senior Prefects 2023/4

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School Captains and Senior Prefects announced

Sixth Form marks a departure from previous school experiences and is an exciting new beginning. For our Prefects, it allows them to make a commitment to volunteering, co-curricular and leadership activities so that they foster new competencies and develop existing talents to the very highest levels, whatever they may be. This ethos encourages them to be outward looking, showing understanding of the School and its role in the wider community.

This year, the prefects are led by 16 Senior Prefects including School Captains, Libby and Oliver, and Vice-Captains, Beth, Rhea, Nomeda, Harry, Jamie and Kiran. There are also further leadership opportunities such as House Captains, Form Prefects, Library Prefects, and opportunities within subject areas.

We wish our Prefects and the Student Leadership Team every success in their new roles.

Mr A M Wright

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