Billy Elliot Senior Production

Drama Senior School

Bablake deliver another fabulous production 

Our annual musical of Billy Elliot was an exciting and unique feature of our school calendar, as one of the few opportunities for members of every year group to come together in collaboration. 

The demands of the production were high, with a commitment of several months. Cast members demonstrated courage and creativity in the audition phase, whilst crew brought their concepts to life in set, costume and lighting ideas. The rehearsal period itself demanded that both cast and crew were resourceful in the learning of all the material and cues, that they collaborated and build trust on and off stage.

To work in this environment, with our incredible talent at Bablake is an absolute privilege. We witnessed the growth and emergence of performance skills, pupil ownership of the portrayal of their character, as well as self-discipline and organisation in our crew. 

Vicki Bradley, Musical Director

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